Monte Isom

Monte Isom is a highly sought after commercial photographer specializing in photographing athletes and movie posters. Based out of NYC, Isom has been capturing images for mega brands like HBO, Sony, Gatorade, Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and Visa for over 15 years. Most photographers at his level partner with agents and navigate the world of advertising together – however Isom has successfully done this on his own for the last 8 years – and has had more Times Square billboards this past year than ever.

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Monte’s schedule keeps him shooting full time, but he makes time for his joy of teaching. He’s led seminars at Photo Expo East, The Hallmark Institute of Photography, Miami Ad School, San Francisco Art Institute and Apple stores. Isom is thrilled to be participating in Fstoppers Atlantis workshop this year.

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Please join him and go on a week in the life of a real job…all in two days as he leads an intensive workshop on landing a boxing poster job then photographing the athletes on site at a local boxing gym in the Bahamas. His infectious personality and insight into advertising photography guarantees a lasting adventure.


Monte Isom's Classes

Monte Isom – Advertising Gigs: How To Get Them, How To Shoot Them 5/13

Class Size: 15
Dates: Wednesday May 13 – Thursday, May 14
Time: 9am-6pm
Price: $1500
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