Rob Grimm - Shooting Beer, Liquor, Drinks, & Liquids For Commercial Advertising - 5/16

In this two day class, commercial food and beverage photographer Rob Grimm will be covering everything he knows about shooting liquids, liquor bottles, beer, glass bottles and splashing liquids for commercial uses. Rob will take his 25+ years of shooting for clients like Budweiser, Jack Daniels, Bacardi, and Grey Goose and translate the essentials into a 2 day workshop.


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Course instruction includes the use of essential studio lighting modifiers, the use of ROSCO diffusion, using fake ice, making fake spritz, making fake slush, beer pours, common camera angles, the use of cards with strobes, painting highlights, freezing liquids in splashes, using a duratrans for backgrounds, incorporating props into composition, polarizing highlights, the properties of lighting glass bottles, and a whole lot more. A special emphasis will be placed upon composition and how to create images that evoke emotion to draw in the viewer.


What To Expect:

This is an interactive class where students will become part of the crew on commercial style photo shoots. Rob will discuss all of the tricks and knowledge he’s acquired over the last two decades from pre-production to the actual photo shoot and working directly with creative directors and the clients on set. This is a hands-on, interactive workshop geared towards letting the students create the images and heavily participate in the photo shoot.




Our goal is to send you away with stuff you can put into your book. The class will use both medium format and common DSLR cameras of all levels. We will be creating these images with accessible equipment that anyone can buy or rent. At certain parts we will break down into 3 photo shoot sets with each team being led by an RGG EDU instructor and each member contributing their creative direction, styling, and photographer skills. This class is geared towards students who wish to focus on product photography, specifically with liquids and liquor. The knowledge learned in this class is applicable to other types of product photography as well. The class will prepare you with the knowledge needed to build your set, equip your studio, the lingo of working with clients and creative agencies while enhancing your knowledge of modifying light and it’s interaction with glass and liquid.

Students will walk away with an ability to light glass bottles on white and black, in an environment, the use of props in commercial advertising, and the use of splashes for composite photography.




Who Is This Class For:

This class is geared towards students who wish to focus on building a solid foundation for not only commercial photography for the advertising industry, but for photographers that want a better understanding of shooting beverages, liquids in motions, splash photography, and beer pours. These photography essential best practices are equipped to give you a set of tools for creating an image, not taking a picture.

The class will prepare you with the knowledge needed to build a myriad of lighting sets, equip your studio with essential props, use the right gear for the shoot, rely less on post production, develop a better understanding of the lingo of working with clients and creative agencies all while enhancing your knowledge of modifying and sculpting light. This class is catered towards all levels of photographers and will adapt to the level of the majority of where students are at.




What To Bring:

Students should bring their DSLR camera if they want and any lenses in the focal range of 85mm-120mm, Macro lenses, and Tilt Shift lenses longer than 60mm. Students are also encouraged to bring 1 light stand or C Stand with them in their carry on. If you can bring a light Stand, C-Stand/C-Arm you will get a very special prize from RGG EDU. Please notify us if you are able to help out in bringing a Light Stand!

How Is This Class Different From The Product Class Rob Is Teaching?

This classes focuses on glass, liquids, and liquids in motion. All of these aspects are approached very differently than a typical product or still life shot. While there is some overlap this is a great addition to taking just the product class. Students that take both the product photography workshop and the liquids and glass liquor workshop and will walk away with a solid foundation to begin building a very impressive book of work.




Bonus: For enrolling in our Classes, students will also receive a gift certificate to RGG EDU for $1000 to be used for purchasing additional Complete Guide tutorials produced by RGG EDU. These RGG EDU tutorials are complete guides to niche photography markets and cover the pre-production, production, and post-production of the genre of photography highlighted. They are unlike any other photography tutorial you’ve ever watched. These tutorials will be a great way to hone your post production skills in Photoshop to build upon the skills attained in our hands on workshops.

Bonus II: All students will be added to our private RGG EDU Facebook page where they can continue the conversation with Rob, submit their work, request to get their images critiqued by Rob, and solicit feedback from other members of the community. This group is currently reserved only for those who have purchased a tutorial from RGG EDU or have attended a workshop.

Bonus III: We would like to hear what products or ad campaigns you would like to shoot. If you have a specific idea or type of shot that you would like to learn how to create, please e-mail and we potentially can add that into the curriculum.

2014 Class: In 2014 we were proud to be apart of the first annual Fstoppers Workshops. We taught 3 workshops and each one completely sold out so if you are considering this workshop make sure to book this well in advance as we anticipate this as a popular course.


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