Rob Grimm - The Complete Lighting Guide For Product Photography 5-31 9am-6pm

In this one day class, Rob Grimm will be covering everything he knows about lighting for product photography and using props to bounce, modify, and shape light onto any product to create commercial appeal. Course instruction includes the use of various modifiers, diffusion, common camera angles, the use of cards with light, painting highlights, using a duratrans for backgrounds, incorporating props into composition, polarizing highlights and the properties of lighting various materials like glass, plastic, wood, metals, and reflective other materials.


The students that register for this class will get to vote on the products being shot and used in that day before hand. We will be bringing as many products as possible each day, and will attempt to cater the interactive course to what the majority of the students want to bring. So, for example, if everyone votes that they want to learn how to shoot high end watches and technology, then we will be supplying the products needed for that sha (18)oot. It’s totally up to the students to decide the content we will be creating.


This is an interactive class where students will become part of the crew on 2, or more, commercial style photo shoots. Rob will discuss all of the tricks and knowledge he’s acquired over the last two decades from pre-production to the actual photo shoot and working directly with creative directors and the client on set. This is a hands-on, interactive workshop geared towards letting the students create the images and heavily participate in the photo shoot. Each student will learn to run a set, operate a medium format camera, and light every piece of the product to prepare the files for post production and retouching. The class will use both medium format and common DSLR cameras.


This class is geared towards students who wish to focus on product photography, specifically with technology, consumer products, and jewelry. The knowledge learned in this class is applicable to other types of product photography as well. The class will prepare you with the knowledge needed to build your set, equip your studio, the lingo of working with clients and creative agencies while enhancing your knowledge of modifying light and it’s interaction with glass and liquid.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.