Rob Grimm

Rob Grimm

Rob Grimm is a dynamic individual; a photographer, a father, a furniture designer, a husband, a yoga nut, a devoted friend, a soccer coach, a little brother and lover of a warm brownie straight from the oven. He’s a momma‚Äôs boy and forever grateful that she gave him a Kodak X-15 camera at the age of eight to document a family trip.

Rob’s crossed the frozen Baltic Sea in a snowmobile, has camped on the beaches of Mexico, lived in Europe, got lost in Paris and made it through CU Boulder in only four years. He’s seen the Italian countryside in the spring, spent the holiday season snowed in at a cottage in Austria, aimlessly wandered the streets of London and marveled at the architecture in Barcelona.a (14)

Rob has been working as a commercial photographer for over two decades in the advertising industry. His focus and true passion is in food and beverage photography with an emphasis and specialty in liquids. Rob operates two full service studios in both Chicago and St. Louis and spends a lot of time traveling back and forth from each studio.

He has extensive experience on set working with creative directors helping to bring their vision to life. Rob is a true creative problem solver with an ability to rig just about anything up. Rob is represented by Zahara Reps and has a client list that includes AB+InBev, Bacardi, Kraft, Grey Goose, Jack Daniels, and Wild Turkey, just to name a few.

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