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Pye Jirsa

After apprenticing under some of the biggest and most successful names in wedding photography, my partners (Chris and Justin Lin) and I founded Lin and Jirsa Photography back in 2008. Our approach to photography was simple, to create a body of work that was inspiring and highly differentiated, while also making the customer’s experience simple and straight forward. In our first year, we took on as much work as we could find shooting over 50 weddings and events simply to gain experience. By our third year, Lin and Jirsa Photography had developed a name in the industry and we were shooting well over 200 weddings and hundreds of events and portrait sessions throughout the (907 of 1561)-Edit

Our first 3 years of running the studio was intense to say the least. The Justin, Chris and I were all working on average 80+ hours each week. From setting up business systems, to sales and marketing, to the overall photographic workflow and style, each of us had our own area of focus. It was during this time that we had the idea to start SLR Lounge ( We had learned so much from our mentors, that we wished to do the same and find a way to give back to the community. Thus, SLR Lounge was born. Today, with over 700,000 monthly visits, SLR Lounge is one of the largest photographic websites in the world and is known for creating some of the best educational products and resources available.rocky-jackie-wedding-68

Our approach to Fstoppers Atlantis is going to be just like our signature educational products on SLR Lounge. Rather than just simply teaching specific techniques, we will be teaching photographers to have a mastery of wedding and couples portraiture. As always, we want our students to walk away from a class with the ability to understand exactly how to shoot an image they might see later online. Rather than simply knowing how to shoot in one situation, our students will master several on-location lighting techniques that they can use in any scene and environment.lin-and-jirsa-wppi-2012-submissions-0008

Our Wedding and Couples Portraiture Workshop at Fstoppers Atlantis is probably going to be one of the most intense workshops any photographer has intended. We expect photographers to enter the class expecting to work hard as we will be working 10-12 hours each day of the two day workshop. You will be tired, sore and exhausted, but you will walk away from the class with a foundation in portraiture that will carry you through the rest of your career. Besides, you have the rest of your vacation in the Bahamas to relax =).

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