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Peter Hurley

Peter Hurley stumbled into a photography career while training for the Olympic games. As a member of the US Sailing Team he jumped in front of the camera modeling for the likes of Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch. It was during this time that, friend and mentor Bruce Weber encouraged him to pick up a camera. Little did Peter know at that time that heeding Bruce’s advice would turn into his life’s passion.

His fascination with the human face concentrated his efforts on portraiture and his quest to discover why we behave as we do in front of the camera has led him into speaking and teaching on the subject. While working for Microsoft he met psychologist, Anna Rowley, and joined forces with her to start a new venture in the realm of meshing psychology with photography calling it: Psyphotology. They recently spoke on the subject revealing their idea in a TEDx Cambridge talk at MIT.

Peter’s ideas for making people look more photogenic have been published in the New York Times. His videos have amassed millions of views on Youtube and were featured on Good Morning America. To help bring these concepts to a worldwide audience he created, a growing headshot photography platform, which has currently assembled the largest group of headshot photographers in the world.

Peter’s talent has been shared with hundreds of photographers that have taken his workshop, “The Headshot Intensive,” and thousands that have purchased his DVD, “The Art Behind The Headshot.” In May of 2015 Peter teamed up with Fstoppers to release his completely new photo lighting course “Illuminating the Face”. This Spring Peter will be teaching both workshops at the Fstoppers Workshops.

Peter continues to work with his clientele out of his studio in New York and where he lives with his wife and twin daughters.

Peter Hurley's Classes

Peter Hurley – Illuminating the Face Intensive 5/13

Class Size: 15
Dates: Wednesday May 13 – Thursday, May 14
Time: 9am-6pm
Price: $1500
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Peter Hurley – The Headshot Intensive 5/16

Class Size: 10
Dates: Wednesday May 16 – Thursday, May 17
Time: 9am-6pm
Price: $1500
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