Dixie Dixon

Dixie Dixon is a Texas born and bred commercial fashion photographer. Just a few years out of college, this 20-something’s career is unfolding one adventure after another.
She was given her first Nikon Camera, a Nikon FG, at just 12 years old, which piqued her curiosity in the field and served as her sidekick in exploring the world. She would continually clock seven to ten hours in the darkroom without even realizing it. While in college she studied in London with a world-renowned fashion photographer and became deeply inspired by the beautiful illusion of fashion and commercial photography.

It has been said that her idealistic vision of the world is reflected into every single frame—full of life, beautiful energy, and most of all, Soul. Her passion has lead her to shoot internationally in places such as Cannes, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Ibiza, and Barcelona recently for various brands, TV shows, commercial campaigns and editorial projects. Just this year she was named one of sixteen Nikon Ambassadors of the USA and the 2013 Emerging Photographer of the Year by GraphiStudio.

Sensuous and polished, her images create a dream world in which romance is always alive. Her fresh vision has attracted clients such as Virgin, Florsheim Shoes, Inside Edition, Nikon, CBS, G-Technology, Profoto, MAC Group, Billy Jealousy, Black River Imaging, Nha Khanh, ProFoods, American Heart Association & Angelberry Organics. Her work has been published in Rangefinder, PDN, Professional Photographer Magazine, Dapper Magazine, Living Magazine, Beverly Drive Magazine, and Nikon World.

“Honestly, I’m an incurable dreamer with a wild imagination. That’s what I truly love about fashion photography—there are no rules, no boundaries, just pure self-expression. Anything your mind can imagine, you have the power to bring to life in a single image or series of pictures. It makes me so happy to be able to work with such amazing creative people day in day out.”

Dixie Dixon's Classes

Dixie Dixon and Pratik Naik – High Fashion Swimwear Workshop 5/28 2 Days

Class Size: 15
Length: 2 Days
Date and Time: 5/28
Price: $1150
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Dixie Dixon – Fashion and Beauty Intensive 5/31 9am – 6pm

Class Size: 15
Length: 8 Hours
Date and Time: 5/31 9am – 6pm
Price: $650
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